The Adventure Begins!


After a 3-hour wait at O’Hare we have finally met the boys! O. Is super tall! And they both just have the sweetest smiles! Now for the 4-hour drive home. We are getting by so far on Google translate & the universal language of Despicable Me.

Lunch break at Cracker Barrel! Now we’re off to Terminal 5–International arrivals! Their flight is due to land at 2:30.

8:15am The four of us are on our way to O’Hare and six of us will return. We are tracking their flight KLM 611 on our phones & getting so excited to welcome V. & O. to our family for four weeks.

For those of you who are wondering how I’m feeling after my bout with flu/really yucky cold, I’m certainly on the mend…but another day or two with broth and marathon episodes of Chuck would probably be in order if I didn’t have TWO SWEET BOYS TO MEET TODAY!!!

So rest & recovery will have to take place from the passenger seat!

Hope to post more later!

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