Open Wide & Say, “Awww!”

I have been dreading this week.  This was the week that the boys would be visiting the dentist.  I have heard horror stories of the multiple-thousands-of-dollars’ worth of work that some of the orphans need.  The recommended strategy for managing that burden: Prioritize the most urgent work first, and then hop around from office to office to see if one doctor will donate  $500 worth of work here, and another donate $500 there.

Annual dental exams are heinous enough.  The possibility of spending 4-5 days in a variety of dental offices was nightmarish.

Dr. Amy Stodola of Family Smile Care Center.

Dr. Amy Stodola of Family Smile Care Center.

Didn’t happen.  Not only were their teeth in pretty good shape (4 cavities for one, 7 for another–Hey one of my own kids had that diagnosis once)–the wonderful doctor delivered their care pro bono.  That means for free.  FREE.

So if anyone is looking to find a new practice for his or her dental care–Let me highly recommend Dr. Amy Stodola and the great folks at Family Smile Care Center.

The boys were scared and the staff was so accommodating for us to be in the exam room with them, using Google Translate to communicate to them what was happening, holding hands, and generally letting them know that all the sights, sounds, smells, and sensations were normal and nothing to worry about.

They had an exam yesterday at noon, and by today at 5PM, all their work was done and we were on our merry way.  Nothing to dread after all.  Thanking God for nice and generous people.

One thought on “Open Wide & Say, “Awww!”

  1. George Bushlack says:

    God is so Good, all of the time! What an amazing story of a dentist who gave so generously. Thank you Dr. Stodola. You are a true blessing to the Bushlacks and to Sosha and Vova.


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