Email Changes Everything.


I used to check my email every day.  Sometimes all day long.  I used to really wonder about (–a.k.a. judge–) people who didn’t instantly respond to my messages. But then life took a few turns and now I find myself on the other side of the judge’s bench. TBH– I just stumbled across a, “Please reply to this email so I know I have your correct address for future communication,” from my daughter’s youth group leader from like a month ago.  I have become that person.

However, since we have a few exciting things going on in our lives right now, I’ve started to feel like I should up my communication game a bit.  Between waiting for our adoption dossier to be approved thus being invited across the world to begin that process, and breaking ground on the new house in 2 days, I know I have to be more connected to the people who are partnering with us to make those dreams come true.

Consequently I opened up my mail app as I walked across a parking lot yesterday morning to see if there was anything worth reading.  No, I didn’t get run over. Instead I saw this:

Our adoption agent’s name and the subject, “Bushlack SDA Appointment.”


What that means for the 99% of you who haven’t immersed yourselves for a year in the process of adopting from this particular country:  The first of three visits overseas involves being officially invited to their country and meeting with the State Department of Adoption.

I understand this to be a short meeting where they will simply ask us a few questions and then begin the paperwork to proceed with adopting them.  Including the permissions needed to travel to visit the boys in their schools. If everything goes as expected, we will be able to see the boys on each visit.

So, just like that, we are scheduled to travel overseas in a few short weeks! Our travel itinerary says we will leave on one Sunday and arrive home on the next. It will be a whirlwind trip!  Hopefully we will have some time and energy to see some of the amazingly beautiful and historic sites!

So, boys and girls, check your email. It could change your life.