Lead the Lessons

Leading the lessons is where all your hard work pays off. 

Now if you’ve never done this kind of thing in your family before it might be awkward at first.  Practice makes perfect.  Don’t give up.  Remember the goal:  A closer family, happy memories, spiritual growth–simply put, Nailing Christmas.  

Make it fun, not dull.  Include something special:  cookies & cocoa; or dad wears a Santa hat; or whoever is speaking in the meeting gets to hold a candy cane (for all you active listening advocates).  Whatever will work in your family to help everyone stay engaged.


  • Call the family meeting (announce everyone should bring a Bible) 

  • Begin with prayer.  Honestly ask God to accomplish what you hope to accomplish.  But keep it short so little ones don’t associate prayer with lectures or boredom. 

  • Explain you are doing something new.  Explain why.  Explain your Christmas theme for the year.   

  • Read the scripture.  Involve others. Allow them to read it.  Ask for input if anyone’s version says it differently.  Clarify anything people might have questions about.  Allow questions but don’t allow rabbit trails.  Pro Tip:  You don’t have to have all the answers.  If you don’t know or understand something yourself, just admit it.  Tell your kids you will ask one of your Bible teachers/pastors/mentors and get back to them. 

  • Optional: Lead the creative time.
  • Optional:  Set expectations.  
    • We had kids memorize the verses and recite them to us on Christmas Eve for a special present.  If you do this, then provide lots of opportunities to practice so that you set them up for success.
    • Another idea is set a kindness goal:  how many neighbors you want to give cookies; how many gifts you want to make for teachers/coaches; how many soldiers overseas you want to send a card; how many toys you want to donate to Toys for Tots, etc.  If you can think of a way to tie it to your theme—even better.
  • Optional:  Theme Ornaments.  I bought theme ornaments for each of our themes.  Each of the kids received one in turn and I usually got myself one too!  I imagine these will be lifelong reminders of the heritage of faith from their home.  I may be kidding myself but I imagine it!

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